Hi, I'm Marnie

I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach with Holistic Learning Center who mastered proven and field tested life coaching training tools, exercises and subjective measuring techniques to help my clients align themselves to their authentic self.

I am married and blessed with 3 boys. I love being outdoors. To me, connecting with nature ignites a spark inside me, the same way meditation does.

My Story

My story is the same as you.

I had a marriage that fell apart and I became a single mom.

I was unemployed and emotionally and financially broke and found love again.

When I thought things were going well, my husband suffered depression and addiction.

It was then when I recognized the same pattern happening to me and the realization that I need to take control of my life.

I’ve been preying on my own beliefs and insecurities without realizing I am holding myself back.

It was then I realized the reason I was in a repetitive pattern is I was out of alignment with my authentic self…

and my journey back to myself begins.

Our Journey Together

My healing platform is harnessing the power within. I believe that each of us has the capacity to unleash our inner strength to conquer our deepest fear, release our emotional baggage, detach from our egoic thoughts, allow ourselves to resurface our unconscious limiting beliefs and break from those, with the right tools and resources anything is possible. 

My approach is to focus on your story and healing process each session. I will allow you to express yourself without fear of judgement and create a safe space where you will align yourself to your authentic self and together you and I will co-create the life you want to manifest. 

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My Journey

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