My Journey

Last year, I was called to take a leap of faith. I called it, a calling. I have tried to quiet down my inner voice for months, it started as a quiet whisper and became a loud echo eloquently trying to be heard, speaking to my heart, trying to reach my spirit. A series of […]

The Bread and Hammer

I had a deep conversation with my middle child. My middle son has been diagnosed with anxiety, though his case was not severe, his anxiety manifests in self-loathing. Parenting a child is hard already and it makes it twice harder when parenting a child suffering with anxiety. I learned to carefully choose words and use […]

Self Talk

I was going to the grocery with my husband driving our family car and as we were having a nonchalant conversation, another driver suddenly cut us off and merged into the lane beside us. My husband was caught by surprise and immediately erupted in anger. Even if I told him he has every right to […]

Marriage is Heart Work

Marriage is not just hard work but more so heart work. I have been married twice and for someone who has gone through the process, I thought I got this whole marriage up in my sleeves but boy, I was so wrong. No matter how elaborate I go through the whole process of getting to […]