Align Yourself Through
Law of Attraction



  1. Man in the Mirror
    You know the song. In the class, you will learn to be the change.
  2. Invest in Your Feelings
    Emotions are energy in motions. You will learn to understand the importance of why feelings matter.
  3. Detach from Your Unconscious Beliefs
    You will understand about resistance and how it creates a ripple effect into manifesting through law of attraction
  4. Gratitude is the Right Attitude
    Through the class, you will learn by changing your mindset into what you have, abundance will start to flow.
  5. Make It Happen
    Design the life you want. You are the creator of your life.


  • You set an intention but it didn’t happen.
  • You set an intention but you feel doubtful if it’ll happen.
  • You set an intention but it is taking a while so you keep asking for it over and over again.
  • You set an intention and you do the opposite of what you asked for.

If these scenarios ring a bell,



I'm Marnie

Marnie Baruh is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and used the HuMethod tm in harnessing the power within us to stand within our fear, and allow ourselves to resurface from our limiting beliefs, release and heal from our painful past. By healing first and detaching from our karmic burns only then we can align ourselves to who we are manifesting.

Marnie is an advocate of healing and growth; thus, she created a Facebook Group, Breaking Free: A Community to Inspire, Heal and Motivate. An intimate group for those who are seeking healing and safe space for growth. She posts weekly live feeds to reach as many people as possible to inspire and heal. She has since been invited to be a guest speaker in a Mini Summit which he had talked about Owning up your Healing Journey and recently, she was invited to guest in a podcast where she talked about How to Attract Law of Attraction while healing.

Marnie holds a BS in Finance and in her down time, she loves to be in outdoor hiking with her family.