Last year, I was called to take a leap of faith. I called it, a calling. I have tried to quiet down my inner voice for months, it started as a quiet whisper and became a loud echo eloquently trying to be heard, speaking to my heart, trying to reach my spirit. A series of events shook me to my core, my husband’s suicidal ideation and his crippling undiagnosed illness cloaked as mental illness and addiction and the most recent, a loss of a dear friend. Something inside me cracked open and my inner voice found its way out. My inner voice has been screaming to me…I need to find myself. I need to find healing. I need to find my purpose. The journey to my healing was not easy. It is like a blow I didn’t see coming. Unexpected but necessary. I realized that the way out of my pain is through my pain. I must peel layers of myself that I was clinging on for a long time. I need to let go parts of myself that no longer serves me. I need to face my painful memories that I have buried in my  subconscious. I must let my pain resurface, find the source of my own infection and one by one, let it heal. I learned to surrender to the process and embraced a new mantra “Healing starts from within”. I learned to train my ego to pause and take the back seat of my consciousness and let my sacred heart take the lead towards healing. 

I slowly embraced my new understanding, my new discovery. As weeks turned to months, I find myself learning a new chapter of myself. Surprisingly enough, I even found myself, knowing things I have yet to discover and that is when it finally led me to learning about spiritual life coaching. I felt that searching for an answer for something I am trying to make sense of, to comprehend and the answer has been given to me. As it turns out walking in the path of spiritual life coaching is like my childhood dream of becoming a doctor because doctors can heal. As spiritual life coach, I help my clients find healing in a psychospiritual holistic way. Today, I am guided by the cosmos, by my angels, by the Source. Graduating at Holistic Learning Center is one of my achievements. It is one of the things I manifested and came to fruition. In the process of learning, I discovered that we are all interconnected through the Law of Attraction. The strings of events leading up to where I am now were designed to get me to find my true purpose. Back then, I did not understand. I was full of grief. My mind is clouded with so many questions. Learning the process of distinguishing what my ego wants me to think and what my heart really wants me to feel through meditation helps. 

Today as I stepped into the unknown and embarked on another chapter of my life, I will take with me the lessons I have cultivated and nourished, the memories I created and the benefits I have harvested because as a coach, it is time for me to pay it forward. I believed that my life is more than what I can see or even understand. I believe that I came here with a purpose. I will let myself feel my authentic self and let my beingness emerge. I learned to harness the power within me. As I evolve spiritually, I find myself guided to serve healing, inspiring others to trust their instinct and motivating others to find their truth.

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